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15 months and 24 days

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

That's how long it's been since I had my surgery.

Although we told doctors we didn't want to hear any sort of prognosis, we've found it pretty hard to avoid reading about Glioblastoma without coming across statistics. If you're reading this, and trying to avoid statistics, this is your opportunity to find something else to read... you've been warned.

Two weeks ago we went to London to get the results from my most recent MRI. I've been feeling great lately, but Kristen and I always get a little bit nervous leading up to these appointments. Because... well... you just never know. Our lives were turned upside down once, and there's a small part of you that wonders if that might happen again. We were so happy to learn that the scan was, once again, a good one. There was no sign of regrowth and no new problems, which means that life continues as normal until the next scan in January.

15 months and 24 days is significant because it's 24 days longer than the median survival rate for Glioblastoma patients. This isn't something that we think about often, or dwell on, but when we're reminded of the reality that many face, every day feels like a blessing. Right now I'm working half days at school and working hard at the gym, so instead of sharing some of the Glioblastoma stats that we've accidentally come across, I thought I would share some other personal statistics from the fall.

  • In September I ran in two Terry Fox runs, raised over $1000 and was in the top 5% of online fundraisers nationwide

  • In October I had a 285 lb squat and a 375 lb deadlift. Both are new PRs and far more than I could lift before surgery

  • Despite torrential rains, Rya, Henry and Max collected 347 pieces of candy on Halloween. As of this writing, well over 1/2 of it is gone

  • My beard is the longest it has ever been, having grown for, you guessed it, 15 months and 24 days. Yeard be damned, Tweard here we come!

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Hmmmm....maybe those doctors should start tracking sur~THRIVE~al stats! Thanks for sharing. I feel like Christmas came early.❤️

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