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A Much Better Start to the Summer Than Last Year

This one will be short and sweet.

On July 8th, I had an MRI in Owen Sound - my first one since finishing chemo in April. I've been feeling great, and was thinking it would be good news, but 11 days is a long time to wait, so we did our best to stay busy until July 19th, when Kristen and I went to London to get the results.

While waiting for our appointment, we experienced the "Tornado Warning Protocol" at the London Regional Cancer Centre, which involved all able-bodied patients moving chairs from the atrium waiting rooms to the interior corridors, then moving them all back out again 45 minutes later. Next we chatted with Dr. Dave for a full 12 minutes (Kristen timed it) before he shared the results:

Another clear scan.

Reviewing MRI results
Brain pics never get old, but they're particularly great when they don't include tumours.

This means another 3 months to carry on, business as usual, without any treatments or appointments, until my next MRI in October. Until then you'll find me drinking too much coffee, crushing workouts at the gym, and teaching 2 classes in September. Thanks to everyone who continues to keep me in their thoughts and prayers and who has been part of my recovery journey. The road is long but is much easier when you have great travelling companions.

July MRI results
Left and right are both from July. Fluid is white on the left image, and black on the right one.

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