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Alive and Kicking

Two years ago, our life was pretty crazy; most of you know the story. When you hear words like glioblastoma, prognosis and, of course, cancer, you begin to think in finite terms; at least at first. In truth, I started to frame my life in months, thinking about all of the things I wanted to do in what I believed was a short time. However, you’ve gotta bust through that shit and realize there are too many reasons to fight instead of resigning yourself to a diagnosis.

I found out recently that I’m considered a “long-term survivor” - a glioblastoma patient who is still alive two years post-diagnosis - and I think that’s crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed, happy and so thankful to be here, but I’m also sad when I think about those I’ve met during these past two years who are no longer with us.

I think about these people often, especially my friend Tyler, who lost his battle in May of 2019. I learned a lot from him in our short time as friends, especially the absolute necessity to keep fighting and to live. He was as scrappy as they come and really helped me to reframe my thinking post-diagnosis. I miss him but like to think I carry part of him with me. I reread our old texts from time to time and am emboldened. They always bring a smile to my face as well.

We have an MRI on the 20th and a follow-up the week after. I’m optimistic as scans continue to be good but, thinking back to two years ago, I know things can change in a hurry. Nonetheless, we forge ahead, undaunted. There are weddings to attend, old and new friends to see, life moments to mark, places to visit, PRs to hit . . . . I want to beat this for my friend Tyler - I feel like I owe it to him - and for my family. Most of all, I just want to beat it in order to give hope to anyone else who might encounter this obstacle. It’s a life-changer, for sure.

Sometimes I hear people say #blessed and wonder if it’s misapplied. I try to avoid it because it’s perhaps a bit cliché; however, in this case, it’s apt. I know that people continue to pray for me and that God’s with me. I know I’m fortunate and thank Him every night for bringing me through another day. Here I am, two years on; Alive and Kicking.

Thanks to everyone for your continued love and support, especially K and the kids. Love you ALL.

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1 Comment

Jul 12, 2020

‘Long Term Survivor’, eh? I think that suits you quite well, Matt!!! Keep up that amazing spirit.❤️

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