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Don't Call it a Comeback . . .

. . . but I don't feel like absolute shit this week. Mind you, I'm two weeks removed from the end of my last session so I should hope I'd be feeling better. I thought the jump from 305mg of chemo to 405mg wasn't going to be that drastic but, man, by the end of that week (Nov 23rd) I was done. No energy and, for the first time, nausea that put me down. Thankfully much of it passed by the weekend and we enjoyed a lovely ham dinner for Kristen's grandpa's 95th birthday. In hindsight, I think one of my problems was in trying to do everything I normally do - all of the housework, walking the dog, going to the gym - all the while not eating well enough. After that week, I made a pledge to be better to my body, trying to stay more true to the Keto diet that has been "prescribed" (and which I hate), staying hydrated ( I sometimes feel like I drink 'til I piss Evian) and adopting a more balanced workout schedule that includes 2-3 days of just stretching and some yoga for good measure. The weights are good too, but I'm learning that 3 days is more than good enough. Beyond that, I'm starting to get some hair back which is interesting because my neuro said I probably wouldn't see anything until next spring or summer. Beard remains glorious.

To close, today was "Feel Good Friday at St.Mary's" so, to all of those people I didn't have a chance to connect with today, thanks for all of the laughs, love, support, prayers and anything else you've done for me and the fam or sent our way. We say it often but never get tired of saying it - we are blessed by amazing friends and family. I am also blessed with time I feel like I never had before. Henry and I went to his first NHL game last week, which was great, and now Rya and Max are trying to figure out something they'd like to do (the last I heard, it was the Aquarium and a Toronto Rock game, respectively). Closer to home, I was able to be at the game where Henry scored his first ever goal. I like to think I would have been there regardless of circumstance, but you never know. Anyway, it was a proud moment and one I'll cherish. Until next month?

It was a . . . beauty!!

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