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monoclonal antibodies
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Dec 30th: Back home with IV bags of antibiotics (Vancomycin and Meropenem) that get delivered to our doorstep every few days. We run them three times daily - usually 6 am, 2 pm and 10 pm. Six or seven weeks of these antibiotics should clear up the meningitis.

Jan 9th: Collapsed while going to the bathroom in the morning. Paramedics were called and took me to emerg where they ran a bunch of tests - 4 blood routines, CT, x-ray, Covid swab. As the day unfolded each was crossed off the list . . . except for the Covid test. Found out it was positive as we be leaving the parking lot.

Jan 11th: Down to London for an IV drip of Covid monoclonal antibodies, Was supposed to be an hour. It was not. Story of my life.

Jan 14th: Despite taking Reactine since leaving the hospital, my allergic reaction to the Vancomycin came back. It's a red rash that covers most of my torso. We were told to stop taking it and just stick with the Meropenem. Should find out more about this during a phone appointment with infectious diseases on Thursday.

Jan 16th: Have had a low-grade fever every day since the 9th, but Tylenol takes care of it. Other Covid symptoms include crazy chills, a bit of nausea, and really low energy. There are lots and lots of naps.

Jan 18th: Kristen noticed symptoms getting worse and called the clinic nurses in London. They relayed the info to Dr. Devlin, the infectious diseases doctor, who wanted me to go emerg to get checked out. After consulting with London, they admitted me to the hospital in Owen Sound. They think I may be reacting to the Meropenem too. They took me off that and have replaced it with a third broad-spectrum IV antibiotic.

Jan 21st: Still in the hospital in Owen Sound. The rash has spread and is quite irritated now. They've taken me off antibiotic number 3 and started antibiotic number 4 yesterday afternoon. It's oral instead of IV and they are keeping me in until my blood work is looking better, my rash is under control and they can see that this antibiotic is going to be okay. On a positive note, I've gone three days without a fever. Really hoping to get discharged this afternoon.

Anyway, that is where we're at right now. Feels like a little bit of a holding pattern but we can't move on to chemo until any lingering infections are dealt with.

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2 comentarios

22 ene 2022

Hi Mr and Mrs Fitz,

I wanted to let you guys know that you are constantly in my thoughts. I'm cheering you on from Guelph and sending you as many positive vibes as possible.

Narcisse ❤

Me gusta

21 ene 2022

Awe, Matt! Talk about insult to injury…. I hope you are back home with Kristen and the kiddos by the time you read this. As always, we’re cheering you on!

I know how much you love music….so, I’m going to suggest watching Elbow perform, ‘One Day Like This’ at Glastonbury in 2011. I think, perhaps, it was written as more of a love song….but, it always inspires me to choose the light over darkness.🥰

Me gusta
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