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Spoiler Alert: It's Glioblastoma

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Yesterday we met with the neuro-oncologist and the radiologist to go over the pathology report and the treatment plan. We learned that the official diagnosis is a Grade IV Glioblastoma and that radiation and chemo will both start in 1-2 weeks. I'll be getting radiation every weekday for six weeks in London as soon as they make the radiation mask (for real) and finalize an optimal radiation plan. At the same time, I'll have a low dose of oral chemo 7 days a week as it increases the effectiveness of the radiation. After that is done, I'll have a month off, then begin a higher dose of oral chemo which I'll be able to do in Owen Sound, with appointments in London just once a month.

We were asked if we would like to know about a prognosis and this is something that Kristen and I had already discussed before the appointment. Ultimately, it won't change anything, as my plan is to keep living and fighting, so we told the doctor we weren't interested.

It was exhausting to sit for 3 1/2 hours listening to 2 nurses, 2 residents and 2 doctors deliver all of the information they had to share, so we were happy to end the day with a coffee date. A friend had put us in contact with her nephew who was diagnosed with the same type of tumour four years ago, and we have been texting a bit over the past few weeks. He and his fiancé Amanda met us at Starbucks and it may sound weird to say given the topic, but we had a great time comparing notes and hearing about Tyler's experience. If you're interested you should check out his blog, which inspired this one. They are both so positive, kind, funny and encouraging that it was a great way to end the day before a long car ride home.

Tyler and Matt

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1 Comment

Denise Buttenaar
Denise Buttenaar
Aug 07, 2018

Tyler is a great warrior to help with your fight.

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