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Our Trip to St. Louis

We've been on lots of adventures with our friends Beth and Shannon, so we were pretty disappointed when we had to cancel a trip to St. Louis with them that was scheduled for 3 weeks after Matt's surgery. Travelling out of province is a bit tricky at the moment, as Matt can't get health insurance, and we really didn't know how he would be feeling or if he would be in treatment yet.

We couldn't stop laughing as we got these surprise updates from Beth and Shannon in St. Louis, so we thought we should share a few of our favourites. Looks like we had a great trip!

Riding the Metrolink

Checking out the arch

They grabbed me a coffee for the trip to the Budweiser Stables

Meeting one of the Budweiser Clydesdales

Hanging out at the City Museum

One of my favourites from City Museum

Shannon's new shirt was a bit too big for Matt

Great seats at the Cardinals game

Heading home

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1 Comment

Denise Buttenaar
Denise Buttenaar
Aug 07, 2018

This was amazing! what An uplifting post 😂

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