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Starting Over

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Before we left the hospital on Friday, the anaesthetist came to my room to get some information he needed before the surgery. He asked all of the questions you might expect, inquiring about past surgeries, allergies, mobility issues and more, but ended our conversation with "How attached are you to that beard?".

Pretty attached.

He explained that while it is possible to attach a mask on a bearded person, it is much more difficult to tape it in place with facial hair in the way, adding "as you might imagine, having the breathing tube slip out during brain surgery could be catastrophic".

Slightly less attached.

If my beard was going, it was going on my terms. I asked my mom to bring my clippers with her on Sunday and when we returned to the hospital I got to work. I couldn't plug the clippers into the outlet by the sink in my room, so we set up a makeshift shaving station and I got to work. Kristen documented the sad affair.

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