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Week 5 in the Books

You know, for a short week, this mofo was long.  I mean, it’s great that treatments are usually early and only last for 10 minutes, BUT it also results in about 15-16 hours that need to be filled.  And let’s be honest folks, London only has so such to offer - it’s not like it’s Guelph (#glorious).  I spent the week down here with my mom who graciously offered to pay for a room at the Lamplighter.   It has a boss waterslide but I left my suit at home, which was a shame as all of the punk-ass kids who would usually be here were back in school.  Nonetheless, there were some definite highs (and lows) for the week


  • Delicious dinners at the Doghouse (surprising), Red Lobster (no surprise) and Jack Astor’s (also surprising - best dinner, hands down)

  • Cinnamon Dolce Latte and 2 1/2 hours of browsing at Chapters (save it Bush)

  • Sweet finds for Kristen and the kiddos at said Chapters

  • Hotel “gym” all to myself (they had some dumbbells, a Universal with one attachment and some cardio equipment.  Where’s the squat rack brah?  I’m trying to get them gains on my quads)

  • Reruns of Happy Days


  • Falcons Vs Eagles: Game 1, Week 1 - Delayed by almost an hour and, even worse, an absolute snoozer.  So disappointing.

  • The shitshow that is daily traffic on Commissioners and Wellington.  This city needs an expressway (Guelph perhaps?) 

  • The many TV ads for the Magnum P.I. reboot.  No moustache?  What an absolute travesty

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Denise Buttenaar
Denise Buttenaar

Again more highs than lows which is a great thing. I gotta agree with you on the moustache! What???!!! Pete would agree with me on this one.

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