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Week Two Highlights

Spending more time away from home than at home means that weekends are busy. We want to hang out with as many people as possible so there are lots of things we don't get to during the two days that we're at home, and blogging was one of them last weekend. So although it's a bit late, I thought I should catch everyone up on the second week of radiation, but I'll keep it short.

It was just Kristen and I this week, so we found a pretty cheap place on Airbnb that was a quick drive from the hospital and the YMCA. It was small, clean and quiet and not far from Wortley Village, our new favourite neighbourhood in London. Highlights from our week include:

  • seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark in the VIP Lounge at Westmount Cineplex

  • no hair loss or other side effects yet

  • drinking coffee and petting dogs in Wortley Village every morning

  • good results on blood tests

  • delicious dinner with Tyler and Amanda

  • getting to decrease steroids and eliminate anti-nausea medication

  • solid strength workouts for both of us at the Y

  • my first experience eating Ethiopian food - delicious!

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